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Gilded Greens

We enjoyed a nice gilding workshop with Yoshiko san at Ranka Art Space in Espoo. This was my first experience with leaf gold.

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Ritva Savonsaari_20170610-1607-bewerkt.jpg

I am so happy to post this high quality photograph taken by Belgian photographer Ben Huybrechts.

We organised a two-day Sogetsu workshop with Belgian Sogetsu teacher Ilse Beunen in Helsinki.

This is the first arrangement I made in that workshop. The main material is steelgrass.

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This weekend’s Koka Fukushima Sogetsu Ikebana Sensei workshop began with a task where similar colours were to be combined together in a gradient style arrangement. The participants were allowed to choose from three different tonal ranges. I chose the yellow/orange set, which I expanded into red/orange/yellow in my own work.

The container is an elongated ceramic bowl, a gift from my mother-in-law. Below is an Instagram detail.

Teacher: Koka Fukushima

20150912_121812 IMG_20150912_130918

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Sogetsu Ranka Ikebana group had the honor of receiving Sensei Koka Fukushima from Japan in Finland this weekend. She guided us with two demonstrations after which we created individual and group arrangements. The picture below features some of the arrangements that were designed with metal wire net and fresh materials. Mine is the second one from the left.

20150912_15421920150912_144757Above is my individual arrangement seen from above. The material is limonium and horsetail.

Below: a detail of this arrangement brought to sunlight where the wire material is elevated to a new level of visuality.

Teacher: Koka Fukushima


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These intertwining materials were woven in our January 2015 Sogetsu ikebana workshop in Helsinki. The tulips are woven into the pattern and do not touch the bottom of the vase. The arrangement found its place on a white tilestove.

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Made in our Sogetsu ikebana winter workshop in January 2015. Materials: aspidistra and paper.

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A team arrangement by four people in our November Workshop in Helsinki. It does bear a certain resemblance to a kanji character, doesn’t it? Or as some interpreted, sports equipment. Our group was well pleased with the outcome, as am I. There are no added elements except for the holes that our male enforcement drilled on the logs.

Teachers: Seiun, Shunran

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