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My arrangement at the Ranka ikebana exhibition at Gallery Mafka & Alakoski 28.2.-3.3.2019.

Theme: self designed, hand-blown glass vases created in cooperation with Finnish glass artists Marja Hepo-Aho & Kari Alakoski

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2015-12-21 19.58.30

This is a dark winter compilation seen from above. Dyed black and white materials stand in a dark, almost blackish bamboo vase. A touch of glittery red reminds us of Christmas time.

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Dried and painted reeds make angular shapes around a circular vase. The colours are very Japanese, and the green offers a bright fresh contrast. Teacher: Shunran.

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Circling Around the Blue

Round shapes, blue tones with ornamental grass, filipendula and dark blue-violet anemone.

Teacher: Shunran

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Vases in Several Styles



Ikebana summer course, day 5: Using several containers in an arrangement. I chose to focus on black, yellow and brown. The shapes have something in common: they are all either round or fuzzy. The bigger one of the two pine cones is a dear souvenir from the Amalfi Coast, Italy.

Teacher: Ranka

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