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Lime green foam plastic sakura blossoms on corylus avellana contorta.

There is a dramatic, fictional and captivating hint of spring. The blossoms are born from the bubble pattern on the vase.

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A bamboo shoots up and rustles slightly in the spring breeze.

Teacher: Ranka

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Easter and May Day Combined

A team work arrangement with special plastic and paper material, willow and blueberry. Seen from behind.

Tecaher: Shunran

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Bone Factory

Ikebana summer course 2013, day 2: What looks like metal pipes is actually a porcelain vase. On top of it there’s a deer head upside down, with its antlers supporting its weight. The grey, white, and blue material is some sort of plastic packing foam. This is all dry material.

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Secret Garden

A team work of three women, created in summer 2012 in Joutseno. Material requirements: black Koziol tiles made of plastic. We used a golden yellow gladiolus with it.

IMG_3195 IMG_3209

Teacher: Seiun.

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