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I put some summer flowers on my kitchen table, just for fun.

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Raspberry Pie

This is just a picture of some aromatic flowers we had over tea and raspberry pie.

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Antlers Aweigh

Ikebana summer course 2013, day 1. I experimented on a pair of huge and heavy antlers, which presumably once belonged to an elk. Wrapped around you can see some blossoming Calystegia sepium bindweed. A white chrysanthemum has been attached on the left side. It reminded me of a lotus flower.

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Double Purple Bliss

Purple flowers share goat willow branches and pistachio leaves as the common denominator.

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An apple tree branch hangs low, while the pink/green chrysanthemums nest in the high vase. The greyish picture does not manage to convey the full pastel colour of this composition.

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May Day Boat Afloat

This small but festive boat arrangement for May Day celebrations is carrying inside some pink chrysanthemums, green alchemilla, white baby’s breath and three white blue-centered osteospermum flowers.

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