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The best thing about the festive Christmas season is the perfect excuse to make abundant bouquets and tabletop arrangements any way I like! The pleasure of giving and creating is overwhelming. I want to thank all of my friends and family who have made this year as good as it has been for me.

Not all of the above techniques are ikebana, but variety is a spice of life.


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2015-12-21 19.58.30

This is a dark winter compilation seen from above. Dyed black and white materials stand in a dark, almost blackish bamboo vase. A touch of glittery red reminds us of Christmas time.

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Sogetsu Ranka Ikebana group had the honor of receiving Sensei Koka Fukushima from Japan in Finland this weekend. She guided us with two demonstrations after which we created individual and group arrangements. The picture below features some of the arrangements that were designed with metal wire net and fresh materials. Mine is the second one from the left.

20150912_15421920150912_144757Above is my individual arrangement seen from above. The material is limonium and horsetail.

Below: a detail of this arrangement brought to sunlight where the wire material is elevated to a new level of visuality.

Teacher: Koka Fukushima


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