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2015-09-24 22.13.04

A freestyle arrangement in a new twisted purple plastic container. By the way, this context is a good moment to apprectiate Santiago Calatrava’s architecture. I named this post in the honor of ‘Turning Torso’, a skyscraper in Malmö, Sweden.

Teacher: Shunran


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Entangled Leaf Project

Aspidistra, thuja and ornamental grasses show their many sides in this entangled twist of an arrangement. This is the view from above, where the container cannot be seen.

Teacher: Shunran

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Blue Manor

This composition was made in a harvest season workshop, which was held in a beautiful manor building on a beautiful, sunny Sunday. We focused on learning some basic weaving techniques. The result – the basket in which this arrangement stands – was made by me on the morning of the workshop day. The material was abundant, and we were encouraged to use plenty of leaf material and greens. There are altogether seven species of wild and cultivated garden plants in the basket.


Stage two: the composition was later trimmed and made to stand in a more upright position. Also, an eighth material was added. Can you spot which one?


Teachers: Seiun, Shunran

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