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Fukushima Sensei visited our workshop in September 2019. The theme was 釣り花, tsuribana, which means arrangements hanging from the ceiling. We made a team arrangement together with L.K., J.S., and myself.  Sensei Fukushima suggested we pile up the red suibans, which gave the installation more power, concentration and intensity.

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Sogetsu Ranka Ikebana group had the honor of receiving Sensei Koka Fukushima from Japan in Finland this weekend. She guided us with two demonstrations after which we created individual and group arrangements. The picture below features some of the arrangements that were designed with metal wire net and fresh materials. Mine is the second one from the left.

20150912_15421920150912_144757Above is my individual arrangement seen from above. The material is limonium and horsetail.

Below: a detail of this arrangement brought to sunlight where the wire material is elevated to a new level of visuality.

Teacher: Koka Fukushima


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Easter and May Day Combined

A team work arrangement with special plastic and paper material, willow and blueberry. Seen from behind.

Tecaher: Shunran

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A Slightly Worn-out Traveller

A team work composed by a bunch of people from our ikebana group in February 2014. The material was mostly nasty and spiky, but we tamed it.

Teacher: Ranka

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Mangrove Lily



A quick team composition on a dry painted root base. The rhododendron hovers nicely above the base, leaving plenty of empty space in the mid-section. A red dry stick material gives a colour accent to the top section.

Teacher: Shunran

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The Da Vinci Code

Ikebana summer course, day 5: Outdoor team work with giant knotweed – a material as close to bamboo as it gets – as material. We split into pairs and everyone created geometrical shapes, which were later combined.

Teacher: Ranka

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