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Two vases, two points of view
Lower vase seen from above
Higher vase showing the root system

The poinsettia grows its green petals around the coloured leaves. I turned this pattern around, separated the colors into their own areas, and showed the stem and roots in this arrangement. Ranka Sensei’s class in November 2019.

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When not travelling, one can summon a place. I felt the presence of a tropical, Mediterranean breeze. It must have been the scent of the olive branch.

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Green Patterns

Ranka ikebana class

Straight, round, oval, thin and wide green patterns on different leaves.

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Gilded Greens

We enjoyed a nice gilding workshop with Yoshiko san at Ranka Art Space in Espoo. This was my first experience with leaf gold.

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Lime green foam plastic sakura blossoms on corylus avellana contorta.

There is a dramatic, fictional and captivating hint of spring. The blossoms are born from the bubble pattern on the vase.

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Vasta Experiments


Arranging with midsummer in mind.

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I created my this year’s first exhibition piece out of fresh green bamboo. The stalks are from Gardenia greenhouse center, which has been shut down. I was both happy and sad to maneuver this material, which has special sentimental value to me. The pieces are joined together by bast fiber. It was clear from the start that theflowers would be either calla lily or Peruvian lily, white at any rate.

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