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I am so happy to post this high quality photograph taken by Belgian photographer Ben Huybrechts.

We organised a two-day Sogetsu workshop with Belgian Sogetsu teacher Ilse Beunen in Helsinki.

This is the first arrangement I made in that workshop. The main material is steelgrass.


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Cool down by these mini fountains and oases.

Teacher: Ranka

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A simplified arrangement made with Ranka. The poppy and brunia bifurcate while the eucalyptus holds the line.

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White and pink tones in a glass bottle.

Teacher: Ranka

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These intertwining materials were woven in our January 2015 Sogetsu ikebana workshop in Helsinki. The tulips are woven into the pattern and do not touch the bottom of the vase. The arrangement found its place on a white tilestove.

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Made in our Sogetsu ikebana winter workshop in January 2015. Materials: aspidistra and paper.

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An ikebana of form, size and shape.


Teacher: Shunran

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