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Double Purple Bliss

Purple flowers share goat willow branches and pistachio leaves as the common denominator.


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Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Seen from another angle

Seen from another angle


My original plan was to build something lower in an oval shape, but the basket I had spraypainted and particularly prepared for this occasion still smelled of fresh paint, so I exchanged the container for this glass vase, which can hold and balance this conical high-rise composition. The main flower is a light green orchid, and the other flowers display my grandmother’s favourite colour, violet, excluding the lighter accent tones. Most of the greens are visible inside the glass vase hiding the root – together with some wrinkled cellophane – but I have also used some torn aspidistra leaves at the bottom to volumize the shape. My grandmother turned 90 and threw a party where this arrangement was eventually taken. Happy birthday!

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IMG_5686 IMG_5687Carnivale

Bright yellow forsythia branches with paler yellow mums. I left the small buds floating in a smaller glass dish.

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My husband assembled a new piece of kitchen furniture; I immediately decorated it with this green flower arrangement, which looks nice with the turquoise/blue curtain and the Japanese bowl that stands on four little legs. Behind, you can see the bottom half of my 2013 ikebana calendar, which, in turn, portrays a seasonal pine arrangement.





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