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Ikebana I made on my visit to Omotesando. The flowers were selected from a previous arrangement. This arrangement became a sort of self portrait.

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My arrangement at the Ranka ikebana exhibition at Gallery Mafka & Alakoski 28.2.-3.3.2019.

Theme: self designed, hand-blown glass vases created in cooperation with Finnish glass artists Marja Hepo-Aho & Kari Alakoski

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Ritva Savonsaari_20170610-1607-bewerkt.jpg

I am so happy to post this high quality photograph taken by Belgian photographer Ben Huybrechts.

We organised a two-day Sogetsu workshop with Belgian Sogetsu teacher Ilse Beunen in Helsinki.

This is the first arrangement I made in that workshop. The main material is steelgrass.

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This year’s second exhibition was in a lovely café called Four Seasons.(http://www.neljavuodenaikaa.fi)

Our group of four arranged this exhibition in the honor and celebration of our first teacher level graduation in Sogetsu ikebana. This was our shared creation: a fresh green and white wall piece resting in a Japanese vase kindly lent to us by Shunran sensei.

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The Rose Hip


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I saw a few pictures of arrangements fitted into boxes not long ago and got inspired By a semi-transparent box I had stored in my bathroom. Here’s my version of a box arrangement; a table arrangement combining fresh and dry materials such as oats, carnations and rosé pepper.

Teacher: Ranka

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This weekend’s Koka Fukushima Sogetsu Ikebana Sensei workshop began with a task where similar colours were to be combined together in a gradient style arrangement. The participants were allowed to choose from three different tonal ranges. I chose the yellow/orange set, which I expanded into red/orange/yellow in my own work.

The container is an elongated ceramic bowl, a gift from my mother-in-law. Below is an Instagram detail.

Teacher: Koka Fukushima

20150912_121812 IMG_20150912_130918

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