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A dark impression with various materials.

Teacher: Shunran.


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A door piece made of fresh and dried materials designed in my weekly ikebana class in March 2015.

Teacher: Shunran

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Magnolia, aspidistra and ornamental hay. A freestyle ikebana piece where I combined dark elements and light colours. The main satisfaction, however, arose from the rare possibility to use this precious spring flower as material in Finland where these flowers aren’t often available. The petals areincredibly soft and smooth, like skin. A flawless natural miracle.

Teacher:  Shunran.

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IMG_0406 IMG_0407

I didn’t know what aspidistra roots looked or felt like this until I found some and placed them in this oval vase where they rightly belonged. Teacher: Ranka

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Adjusting the eucalyptus and green and white aspidistras into these two bamboo vases felt like a calm, meditative walk through Arashiyama bamboo woods.

Perhaps this picture takes you there too?

Teacher: Ranka

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Made in our Sogetsu ikebana winter workshop in January 2015. Materials: aspidistra and paper.

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I bargained a new square container and put it to immediate use with lily, carnation and aspidistra.

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