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Jolly Jumper

Another find from 2014: splash!

Made with Ranka


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Madras ’14

toukokuu2014 193

I found this in my archives: a madras style arrangement made in 2014.

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Working alone at home, I bent some dry materials into squares, following the basic colour principles and angular dynamics set and made famous by Piet Mondrian. Buttercup, found aplenty in nature in summer, accustomed to this requirement quite well.

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Ranka sensei’s garden workshop in June. We created a team arrangement with bamboo and dried leaf material. M.Forssell and I.Appelqvist were in my team.

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Vasta Experiments


Arranging with midsummer in mind.

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20160512_190247I gave my first public ikebana demonstration in our group exhibition in Café Four Seasons.

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My solo arrangement in Café Four Seasons. It is a nageire made of cherry blossom and roses.

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