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A team arrangement by four people in our November Workshop in Helsinki. It does bear a certain resemblance to a kanji character, doesn’t it? Or as some interpreted, sports equipment. Our group was well pleased with the outcome, as am I. There are no added elements except for the holes that our male enforcement drilled on the logs.

Teachers: Seiun, Shunran

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The day, I thought, must be far advanced, though the sun was invisible; and although sensible that the air was raw and chill my consciousness of that fact was rather mental than physical — I had no feeling of discomfort. Over all the dismal landscape a canopy of low, lead-colored clouds hung like a visible curse. In all this there were a menace and a portent — a hint of evil, an intimation of doom. Bird, beast, or insect there was none. The wind sighed in the bare branches of the dead trees and the gray grass bent to whisper its dread secret to the earth; but no other sound nor motion broke the awful repose of that dismal place.

Ambrose G. Bierce: An Inhabitant of Carcosa


These four branches have entangled together, dry, as in desperation. The gold can stay while all other leaves are gone. It is winter in Carcosa; the hold is tight. The only elements are what the eye can see.

This was my individual arrangement in a late November workshop in 2014. It was a gloomy day and the materials were bone dry except for the painted leaf. The bunch of branches were distributed to the workshop’s participants through a drawing of lots. Mine was number 18, and this it what it turned into after a while of desperate juggling. It added up into a vertical composition, because all other options were simply out of the question.

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