Ritva Savonsaari_20170610-1607-bewerkt.jpg

I am so happy to post this high quality photograph taken by Belgian photographer Ben Huybrechts.

We organised a two-day Sogetsu workshop with Belgian Sogetsu teacher Ilse Beunen in Helsinki.

This is the first arrangement I made in that workshop. The main material is steelgrass.


Glass Universe


On a shelf

My orchid and lily piece showcased in Gallery Mafka & Alakoski as part of Ranka group’s glass container exhibition in March 2017.

Below: practice version on my kitchen table.


Materials: blood lily, Venus slipper orchid and blueberry.

The glass bowl is my own design, (partly self-) blown in Riihimäki, produced in cooperation with Mafka & Alakoski.

Easter Challenge



Easter on My Mind…

This arrangement took a lot of work and effort due to some technical experiments. Very useful! Narcissus.

Teacher: Ranka

Protective Shield


To defend means to protect and to be ready for counterattack. Iris, monstera and narcissus.

Teacher: Ranka


Floor arrangement in a tall semi-transparent Sogetsu vase.

Teacher: Ranka

Coffee Table Set

Coffee table arrangement with a focus on the view from above. Iris and narcissus.

Teacher: Ranka

Kaikan Kolours

My first ever international class at Sogetsu Kaikan headqurters in Tokyo! There was time for one arrangement. Although it was sakura season and pink materials were available, the sunny spring day made me want to choose this bright yellow material and combine its lacy pattern with the geometrical green angles. The class was a great experience.


Teacher: Hosono Yoka sensei